Finally, atmospheric physicist Bill Pekny honestly addresses global warming and climate change hysteria in his book A Tale of Two Climates—One Real, One Imaginary.

The imaginary tale is that the world is coming to an inescapable, flaming end because of human-caused “climate change.” This is akin to Chicken Little’s hysteria of being hit on the head by an acorn and shrieking, “The sky is falling.”

The real account in his book is the pure, historical, evidence-based science that demonstrates that the sun, water, gravity, and inertia—not humans, chickens, or acorns—are responsible for our mild, controlled, cyclic, and life-sustaining climate.

Bill and Nancy’s book is a must-read for those needing to understand the difference between true or false climate science—that would be all of us.

I have known Bill Pekny for a number of years in both a professional and personal capacity. I have always found him to be a careful, dedicated scholar with the highest integrity.  In his book, A Tale of Two Climates, Bill gets to the heart of the matter by actually looking at what the raw data, both past and present, is telling us about the climate rather than relying on complex, un-validated climate models that have consistently been shown to be wrong.  Bill’s approach is exactly one I have advocated and that is to look at what the data is telling us. I applaud his work and recommend it to those that really want to begin to understand climate change.

Weather, climate and climate change are “hot” topics just now, making Bill’s book timely and relevant for the current discussion on the world stage.  Never before in recorded history has there been so much attention given to, and misinformation about, this topic.

In the face of emotional and heated opinions that create confusing crosscurrents in our society, this studied analysis of our atmosphere and its behavior stands out as unique.  It is a cool-headed, fact-based and logical presentation of what is really happening and the basis for it.

Bill has a way of synthesizing and simplifying complex math, physics and science so you and I can grasp the concepts that form the basis of his analysis.  We can understand it!  And Bill has the experience, training and background to provide credibility to what he says.  

I believe this book will become a classic in the field of climate study and will attract a wide audience among those who, without pre-formed agenda, want to know what’s happening out there in the sky and why.

The cover of the book caught my attention immediately.  The colors are so vivid and beautiful.  The blue marble and flaming Earth has “movement.” Your eyes can feel the heat of the fire.

It made me want to read the book to find out

if our Earth will go up in flames and when.

You personalize your book with life lessons—yours.  I learned a lot about my cousin and since we grew up in the same area of Chicago, it made me feel as though I was conversing with you.  That conversation makes the science more understandable.

The illustrated figures that complement the scientific graphs and charts make each concept more understandable. The chapter takeaways are very concise and easy to read.  The book is very interesting and it reminds the reader to use science and not just listen to rhetoric.

“A clear and straightforward denunciation of

the popular mythology of global warming alarmists.

Bill simply presents the truth based on

actual scientific evidence.”

Captain Brent Hathaway, Airline Pilot

In his book, A Tale of Two Climates, Bill has taken on the controversial, and often political, subject of climate change. With scientific facts and data, he has unraveled and laid out the truth with straightforward talk, making it understandable to all.

For so long, I have felt bombarded with dire predictions about the future of our world because of damage to the atmosphere called “global warming.”  Most, if not all, of that information has seemed to me to be either politically or financially motivated.  It was very refreshing for me to have the opportunity to read Bill Pekny’s excellent book on this subject. He presents very clearly what has happened with our climate in the past and present, and questions the ability of anyone to predict future climate.  Bill has no hidden agenda. He just presents the facts in a way that all can understand, and we can draw our own conclusions. Well done!

“This book takes scientific theories and principles and reduces them to concepts readily understood by the layperson.  An excellent read.

Dr. Kaye P. Nichols